PTSD-Julia Fox

I first heard of Julia Fox and Richard Shazam when I went to the LA ART Book Fair back in February. I bought all the zines at the Paperwork NYC booth and have been a fan ever since. Julia Fox and Richard Shazam have create such a raw aesthetic, that is something I try to look for in art. Julia's PTSD show curated by Richie Shazam was no exception. Photographs by Julia were displayed in pairs, complimenting each other through dysfunctioning subjects that just show the anxieties within. I am a complete sucker for art installations and Julia Fox had a few in this show including a bed setting with a night stand that included a candle, photo, bible and flowers. It had such 90’s vibe to it along with old tv set ups with VHS playing. There was Jesus Christ crosses displayed through out the installation along with half naked models walking around that went hand in hand. After walking around the gallery and checking out the work i had this edgy feeling. I think Julia did a successful job in depicting PTSD through her work. It made me feel....something.

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