URL 2 IRL: Yung Jake "V"

Night 2 of Yung Jake's LA takeover featured his art show "V" at the Imperial Art Studios.

I didn't take any pics of Jake's art pieces displayed at the show and didn't realize it until i looked at my pics from that night. lol He pretty much just had printed images of his emoji faces, memes or tweets that he has made. This art show definitely had more of a party vibe that included a performance by Playboi Carti. His art lives online and is being brought to life at this show. I feel that Yung Jake is pioneering a form of art that reveals the internet culture. You can see it through his fanbase and the people who showed up to the show. It was a young crowd filled with a bunch of internet kids who were on their phone half the time. I still enjoyed seeing people who are not normally interested in art exhibits showing up to this and having fun. I hope this gets more people active in the art scene although I think most people took it as a party with art rather than an art show with music.

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