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          Adjure is a performance/installation piece and film documenting a site-specific performance by Serge Sanchez and Elena Franclanci, produced by Max Thillaye. The performance took place in an underground bunker and was designed to take visitors on a journey of intense human compositions. Nine performers were isolated and trapped in separate rooms, each infused with a desire to escape that created a sense of urgency and action. The performance builds to a crescendo, with the visitors becoming fully immersed in the intense and emotional experience. The performance was captured in a film that documented the site-specific performance, creating a lasting record of this powerful and thought-provoking art piece.


Adjure featured performances by: Elena Francalanci, Alexander Schaef, Axier Iriarte, Stathis Roukas, Amie-Blaire Chartier, Matilde Bassetti, Marta Antinucci, Won June Choi.


Set Design by David Eder


Make up and Styling by Gabriela Matuszewska

*To see the film in it's entirety (30mins), please send an email to:

Adjure was performed at Culterim Gallery and the film was premiered at Acud Galerie along with video installations of the performance.

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